New Danish think tank aims to develop vaccine against major crises

While virus experts and pharmaceutical giants around the world are hunting and testing the vaccine to fight Covid-19, a team of Danish experts aims to develop a “vaccine” against the mutation of crises – that is predicted to hit us in the coming years. Pandemics come and go whereas climate change is a mutated and complex crisis that needs a more comprehensive cure: a Blueprint for Denmark [Drejebog for Danmark]. 

The think tank consists of a number of key people, institutions and investors from a wide range of society as well as the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities that aims to create a kind of “sustainability trinity” between citizens, companies and legislative authorities and jointly ensure sustainable behavioural change.

A key driver in the project is to transform the former military camp in Auderød into both a digital and physical lab for a sustainable way of life, and compile possible solutions to the complex challenges of the future – and together make Denmark a pioneering country in sustainable change.

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“The paradigm needs to change from short-term to long-term value creation”
Thomas Thune Andersen
Chair, Ørsted A/S
“Blueprint for Denmark can play a significant role, namely by bringing citizens, companies and authorities together around a joint effort”
Lise Kingo
Chair, Blueprint for Denmark
Former CEO, UN Global Compact
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