Accelerating ESG Reporting For The 90 Pct.

A new partnership combines Sustainia’s advisory expertise with Position Green’s data-driven platform to enable companies to better prepare for future ESG reporting requirements. With ESG performance directly influencing business performance, companies need to set sustainability targets as well as implement a platform that allows for effective support and monitoring of their set goals. 

Copenhagen, November 2021

Sustainia is thrilled to announce a new partnership with leading sustainability management platform Position Green to advance Danish companies’ transition to better ESG management and reporting. Position Green’s platform manages, analyses, calculates and reports companies’ sustainability data in a transparent and traceable manner to nearly 200 companies. This partnership comes at a defining period in the European Union, where new regulations like the EU Taxonomy and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive are shifting companies’ non-financial reporting requirements. 

90 pct. of big Danish companies that should report on their CO2 emissions have either opted not to or do not use the generally accepted GHG protocol, according to a study from 2020. But with a wealth of data pertaining to environmental, social and governance matters, these companies should use effective digital and advisory solutions to streamline their data collection, analysis and reporting requirements and meet the global market and investor expectations. Leveraging Position Green’s platform to capture and manage ESG data, Sustainia will equip companies to set and monitor relevant sustainability targets to be reported. This unique partnership will support companies in minimizing their climate related risks, using their sustainability as a competitive advantage, and ensuring they adhere to new EU non-financial reporting requirements. 

Sustainia partner Anders Quitzau emphasizes that “annual sustainability reporting is no longer only ‘good corporate governance’ for companies and organisations that have committed to ESG targets. That’s why our clients are asking for support in setting targets, and choosing platforms to monitor and manage their progress – and that is what we can now effectively deliver in an end-to-end consulting engagement with the Position Green platform in our toolbox”.

Position Green’s CEO and Co-founder Daniel Gadd highlights that with our strong presence in Sweden, supporting nearly 200 companies in various industries in their local and international sustainability reporting, we are excited to branch into Denmark through our partnership with Sustainia. Accelerated standards and legal frameworks within sustainability reporting requires a data-driven approach that lives up to the same level of quality as financial data. We are proud to have entered into a partnership with Sustainia, whose expertise in sustainability consulting and communications we admire a lot.” 


About Position Green:

Founded in 2015, Position Green is a leading sustainability management web-based platform that collects, calculates, monitors and reports sustainability data in an efficient and traceable manner. With a strong presence in Sweden –  especially in the private equity, food and beverage and real estate sectors, Position Green’s new partnership with Sustainia will expand to these sectors in Denmark.

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Anders Quitzau

Associate Partner

Advises on digital acceleration, operational efficiencies and technology with 24 years experience from IBM and 18 years from the ‘Big 4’.