Collaborate with students across the world

The Arctic is a fragile environment, with unique social and environmental challenges. We believe that only you, the youth, have what it takes to combat these challenges, through sustainable innovations

The Arctic Opportunity Explorers (AOE) challenge brings together pioneers from six universities and equips them with digital tools and theoretical frameworks to address some of the most complex challenges facing the Arctic.

Photo by Greenland Travel
Photo by Greenland Travel

You lead the way, we spread the word

As one of the first ever Arctic Opportunity Explorers, you are the pioneers, and we want to showcase your journey. Besides being part of a unique journey towards fighting climate change, inequality and other prominent challenges in the Arctic, you can expect:

  • Your journey will be followed by our 70K+ strong social media community
  • You collaboration will be showcased on Sustainia’s website
  • Your impact will be narrated in a digital publication

The most promising innovations could enter the business incubation stage with our partner, HelloScience – Novozymes’ collaboration platform.

“The Arctic Opportunity Explorer is a virtual learning programme arming students to solve intractable Arctic challenges in a digitised, globalised, and pandemic world."

– Kelly Lynch, Partner Manager, Sustainia

SDGs as lanterns

The Sustainable Development Goals can help to guide Arctic Opportunity Explorers. We show you how they can be built into your business plan to drive positive change.

Identify a challenge, collaborate to solve it

You must identify a challenge that exists in Arctic communities today that is connected to sustainable development with a component related to either gender equality or the rights and well-being of children.

Once you truly understand the scope of the challenges, we will help your group to collaboratively ideate and iterate potential solutions. The final version of your idea will be presented and judged by a panel of experts at the conclusion of the challenge.

In collaboration with


September – October 2020

  • Student groups from the participating universities are confirmed. Students can either form their own group or be assigned. 
  • All groups enter the process formally by registering on HelloScience’s platform.
  • Official kick-off virtual event on October 7 for all participating groups – presenters will be Sustainia, Novozymes and the Collaboratorium.
  • A group leader is appointed to manage correspondence with the project partners and their group.
  • Groups work together to identify their problem and corresponding solutions.
  • Groups work with Sustainia to have mentors chosen.

Finding solutions

October – December 2020

  • Monthly check-ins will be conducted by Sustainia, assisting the groups with reaching their milestones on HelloScience. 
  • October 20 – The Abundance Cycle: a Business Model Canvas for Sustainability – Webinar
  • November 11 – Risk to Opportunity Mindset – Webinar
  • All groups are expected to join the virtual webinars.

Presenting ideas

January 2021

  • Arctic Opportunity Day: After four months of coaching (by Sustainia and HelloScience) and preparation, students present their final solution to a judging panel at the virtual Arctic Opportunity Day.
  • The team(s) with the best solutions may be invited to enter their solution to the incubation process with HelloScience, or continue on the platform to be further developed and matured.
  • All students receive a certification of participation.

Arctic Opportunity Day

Present your final solution to a group of experts at the virtual Arctic Opportunity Day on January 11 to have the chance of entering into the incubation phase with our partner, HelloScience.

Each group’s entrepreneurial journey will be digitally tracked and available on HelloScience for our judges to explore. Final deliverables are expected to include:

  • A three minute video presentation describing your identified challenge and solution (due in December)
  • A formal output such as: prototype, business plan, policy brief, or project plan
  • A one-page executive summary

Those groups with the best solutions may have the opportunity to enter incubation phase with HelloScience.

Stay tuned for updates from the student groups!