Three No-Brainers Why The Circular Economy Is Now

Three key trends indicate that this could be the time for a breakthrough for circular economy - that we are finally moving from talk to action.

The Safe Markets In The New Economy

If you are on the lookout for climate change safe investments, Scandinavia is the place to look.

“Hothouse Earth” Is Your New Reality

A new widely commented scientific study on the state of climate change warns that we should prepare for apocalyptic domino effect.

The Imminent Death of Shareholder Obsession

Read the six myths of quarterly guidance and why short-term shareholderism is a no go when ensuring your company’s future in the sustainable economy.

Is the EU Pulling a Trump?

A new report on climate action confirms why science fiction could be turned into reality. And why the EU is not that different from Donald Trump on fighting climate change.

If We Fail: +3-5°C Global Warming

The Secretary-General of The World Meteorological Organization Petteri Taalas issues a strong warning in The Sustainian: It is now or never if we want to preserve our civilization.