Dec 2018 | COP24

The Sustainian is a new market guide for leaders. We digest the world's most important reports and turn them into guidance.

Mark Watts, Business Opportunities

Nov 2018 | The Biggest Business Opportunity of the Century?

This issue highlights the economic opportunities arising from transitioning to sustainable cities, and identifies new synergies in this emerging market.

Michael La Cour, Endangered Sector

Nov 2018 | Food – An “Endangered” Sector

This issue examines how climate change is affecting the food sector, and asks how changes in consumer behaviour, technology and management can safeguard food security.

IPCC climate report

Oct 2018 | What’s Your 2050 Strategy?

This issue looks beyond the 2030 Agenda and towards 2050, and provides guidance as to how firms can use the 2050 timeframe to inform decisions in the short term.

UN General Assembly

Oct 2018 | Special Issue: Here’s What You Missed From New York

This special issue brings you up to scratch with the developments at the 2018 UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

KR Foundation, Sustainable finance

Sep 2018 | How To Regain Credibility: Sustainable Finance

This issue identifies the challenges and opportunities in the burgeoning world of sustainable finance.

Sep 2018 | Special Issue: Call Out From Guterres

This issue dissects the powerful speech from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and examines the potential consequences.

circular economy

Sep 2018 | Circular Success Is Now

This issue examines the new opportunities offered by the circular economy, with an in-depth review of one of the most wasteful sectors: fashion.

Climate economy

Aug 2018 | Prepare For The New Climate Economy

This issue investigates how climate change will rewrite the rules of the economy and challenge our perceptions about growth.

Margrethe Vestager, Data driving sustainability

Jul 2018 | Data Driving Sustainability

This issue provides strategic guidance on how data and digital solutions can drive the success of the 2030 agenda. But it also comes with a warning.

Connie Hedegaard, Call for solutions

Jul 2018 | Urgent Call For Solutions

This issue takes a look at where we currently stand, focusing on how we document the sheer magnitude of this problem and uncover disruptive climate solutions.

1,000 day challenge

Jun 2018 | The 1,000-day Challenge

This issue is all about scoring goals. Not goals at the World Cup, but the most important goals of our time – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Jun 2018 | Breaking The Energy Curve

This issue focuses on one of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges: access to clean and affordable energy and turning it into new market opportunities, fast.

May 2018 | Welcome To The Sustainian

The Sustainian is a new market guide for leaders. Every second week, we digest the world's most important reports and turn them into guidance.