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digital acceleration

Reduce cost, drive growth, and improve transparency and performance in sustainability with the right technology stack and digital setup. We help you assess and choose the right services and tools that optimise your business towards sustainability.

gap analysis and a new vision

data strategy

What role should data play in sustainability? If you’re a finance manager, CIO or sustainability executive you would want to know. You need technology to effectively collect, analyse, optimise and create the insights that accelerate your sustainability journey. 

Being truly sustainable is a cross-organisational endeavour. On the one hand you don’t want to ‘boil the ocean’, but on the other hand, you want to measure, monitor and manage your activities in your prioritised impact areas; and their outcomes.

Based on your sustainability strategy and targets a typical place to begin would be to identify required data and insights. We conduct an as-is assessment of your current sustainability management processes and supporting applications, to  identify data, process and application gaps. In an effective workshop format, applying sustainability design thinking,  together we will envision the future state of what is possible with existing and new technologies. Finally, we help you build the business case to prioritise and formulate a roadmap to guide you towards your vision.

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reporting and compliance 

from manual to automatic

Why not automate as much of your internal and external reporting as possible? Many companies have started off with  a manual, time consuming  approach to the sustainability cycle. Today, there are emerging platforms that automate structured and unstructured data collection and present the data in an easily accessible and actionable format, say auto-compiled reports or live dashboards. This can greatly benefit your non-financial reporting and allow you to make better operational and tactical decisions based on your business’ sustainability performance. 

We help our clients identify and select the right reporting setup that reduces cost on reporting and increases compliance,  transparency and accountability, while allowing you to monitor your progress in real time.

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Anders Quitzau

Anders Quitzau


Advises on digital acceleration, operational efficiencies and technology with 24 years experience from IBM and 18 years from the ‘Big 4’.

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen

CEO and Partner

Advises on strategy, digital acceleration and ESG management. Degrees from University of Copenhagen and Harvard University.