November 2018 | Food - An "Endangered" Sector

Climate change is not only endangering species, but also business sectors. Because of climate change and the need for both extensive mitigation and adaptation progress, several business sectors will experience unprecedented pressure in the near future. One of the more endangered sectors is the food sector. It is facing a new reality, where halving food waste, applying a range of new technological and managerial improvements, and profound changes in diets must be put in place to stay future-proof.

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How Will The Food Sector Survive?

Climate change threatens a number of industries’ very existence. One of them is the food industry that needs to rethink how it will make money in the future.


New Study Is An Earthquake Beneath The Food Sector

A new study by leading scientists will shake up the whole food sector dramatically and endanger large parts of it.


A Market Opportunity Not To Be Wasted

Reducing food waste is an economic no-brainer and a coalition of business leaders are not wasting time cashing in.


The Future Of Food: What Do Consumers Actually Say They Want?

The Sustainian took the current temperature of consumer preferences of food.


We Can Streamline Our Food Production

Here we present some breakthrough solutions from our Global Opportunity Explorer to streamline food production.

More Food solutions

Here Are The Most Promising Meat Alternatives

We need to limit the amount of meat that we eat. Luckily tasty and scalable solutions abound.

How To Halve Food Loss

To avoid uncontrollable harm to the planet’s ability to regenerate, we must at least halve food waste. We collected a range of innovative solutions.


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