November 2018 | The Biggest Business Opportunity of the Century? 

Creating sustainable cities could add trillions of dollars to the global economy. Yet, businesses worldwide are yet to discover the magnitude of the business case for sustainable cities - and there are still many low hanging fruits to be picked. We have dedicated this issue of The Sustainian to highlighting the huge opportunities offered by these markets to realize new synergies between people, planet and profits.

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$3.7 trillion market

Unlocking a US$ 3.7 Trillion Market

Businesses worldwide have yet to discover the magnitude of the business case for sustainable cities. And there are still lots of low hanging fruits to be picked.

nine cities with the biggest risks

Here Are The Nine Cities With The Biggest Risks – And Business Opportunities?

Companies and businesses can take advantage of the tremendous opportunities posed by global risks, but they need to correctly identify the challenges to pursue these market opportunities.


Circular Construction Challenge: Circular Success Is Now

Six finalists deliver innovative circular solutions to the massive waste and resource challenges threatening the construction sector today.

Coastal Vulnerability

Coastal Vulnerability: City Solutions to Rising Sea Levels

Many coastal cities are unprepared to tackle the threats of flooding, coastal erosion and storms. However, there are a wealth of cost-efficient solutions.

More City Solutions

Smart Cities

Making Smart Cities Smarter

Smart Cities can dramatically improve sustainability, efficiency, and citizen welfare. But there are still incredible untapped opportunities.

Green mobility

Green Mobility: Getting There

Mobility is fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Revolutionizing the transportation sector is therefore vital.


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