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December 2018 | COP24: Goodbye Paris?

A five degree temperature rise. This is the grim yet realistic point of departure for the 24th COP summit in Poland. The message is clear: We need a miracle to get the climate back on track, otherwise the COP24 could be the beginning of the end of the Paris Agreement. The Sustainian provides you with an overview and analysis of the current state of the climate, COP24 and the green business sector.

COP meetings

The Climate Battle Has To Be Won At The Dinner Table

COP24 is doing its part, but the climate challenge will first and foremost have to be solved in the private homes of the many.


A Rulebook For Miracles?

A new “rulebook” for the Paris Agreement is seen as a central outcome of this year’s COP convention. But, will it materialize and - most importantly - suffice?


Paul Polman, sustainability consulting

Paul Polman: Now It Is up to the Business Leaders

Paul Polman is calling on business leaders to become activists. The head of Unilever sets the new CEO agenda to be champions for sustainability in an interview with The Sustainian.

Markets for fighting climate change

The Global Opportunity Explorer

1000 Days To Scale Up 1000 Solutions

The Global Opportunity Explorer has now collected 1,000 solutions that over the course of 1,000 days could create tremendous change if scaled globally.


COP24: The Biggest Green Business Announcements

Several major international companies have announced new climate ambitions at the COP24 summit in Katowice.


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