September 2018 | How To Regain Credibility: Sustainable Finance

More companies and investors than ever say they want it: sustainable investing. But how can we turn good intentions into action? Read this issue of The Sustainian to learn about urgent challenges, opportunities and tools to draw benefit from what appears to be a coming mega-trend: Sustainable finance.

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The 5 Game-Changers You Can Expect

Consulting around 20 recent reports, The Sustainian identified 5 clear game-changers that will shatter the world of finance in the years to come. Read and stay prepared!


“Let’s Finance Solutions, Not Problems”

The Sustainian met with one of the most important climate action foundations to talk about what’s going on in the divestment movement and why you should care about coal.


BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Letter: Words Or Action?

The CEO of the world's largest asset manager sent an ardent message to business leaders. What is going on?


Pension Funds Talk, But Struggle To Do The Walk

Pension funds are opening their eyes to sustainable investments. “It's still very much talk,” says founder of a new 100% sustainable pension plan.


Looking for “Next Practices” Of Sustainable Finance

Impactful financial solutions to propel the sustainable transition already exist. We continuously gather them on our Global Opportunity Explorer.


The Imminent Death of Shareholder Obsession

Read the six myths of quarterly guidance and why short-term shareholderism is a no go when ensuring your company’s future in the sustainable economy.


G20: Can We Close The Sustainable Finance Gap?

When 20 finance ministers from the 20 biggest nations huddle up to discuss the future of finance, the business community should listen.


“The Sustainian is an important market guide for many of our market managers and could be an integrated part of our leadership programs.”

Mads Nipper, CEO, Grundfos

“The Sustainian moves us forward at a very different level than we’ve done before. It has a very important role to play… to bring partnerships together, share best practices, and help each other with the challenges we will face along the way.”

Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever