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Reduce cost, drive growth, and improve transparency and performance with the right type of corporate sustainability organisation, frameworks and digital tools. We help you choose the right setup.

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all hat and no cattle

Someone described as all hat and no cattle, may seem impressive or exciting but in reality they do not do much. If your work in sustainability is only rooted in marketing and communications, you’re at risk of being labeled a greenwasher

Sustainability must be an inherent and core part of your production of goods or services, and you will need tools, mechanisms, and the organisation to back up your claims and show transparency to customers, suppliers, and authorities. 

Today, digitalisation and AI create competitive edges to this human-centered and process-heavy task, but how to get off the ground and organise the work?

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We work closely with your team to create value by designing the right type of sustainability structure for you and we guide you to the proper frameworks, tools and platforms. First, we prefer to measure your current state, and benchmark that with industry leaders, so you know what best practice looks like, and can make an informed decision on how to grow.

Then we design a robust new structure for you based on your level of ambition. This new organisation is linked to your strategy and value creation – not as an add on, but by bringing sustainability to the core of what you do.

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Having vetted and verified thousands of sustainability services, we have simultaneously identified a wide array of sustainability organisations. From centralised CSR, sustainability & communications departments to teams embedded in finance & reporting.

Prior to coming to Sustainia, Ole Løhr Wilken worked at green energy company Ørsted A/S on advancing their green transformation. In ten years they became one of the most sustainable companies in the world. Ole brings first-hand know-how on how to set up the best centralised and decentralised sustainability organisation, and how to make quick advancement.

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