Sustainia's founder, Erik Rasmussen, offers a compass to navigate a sustainable transformation that will advance your organisation - and you as a leader.

Navigate fast and safely

We are in an age of corporate storms. Never have the risks and opportunities been so great for boards and executives. Profound and accelerating changes in the business environment will forever alter the rules of the corporate game. To win or lose that game depends on the ability to address four fundamental challenges.

  • Redefine your leadership
  • Redefine your markets
  • Redefine your public position
  • Redefine your mindset

Redefine leadership

We are looking at an unprecedented transformation of business. New disruptive technologies, the challenges of climate change, new consumer demands, and new regulations are creating “the perfect storm”. Through an analysis of your sector and the current state of affairs, Erik will guide you through the turbulence, and ensure you choose the “right reality” to future-proof your business.

Redefine markets

A new market reality is burgeoning. Tomorrow’s markets for sustainability worth $12 trillion by 2030 are going to change the game. Erik Rasmussen establishes eight personal Global Goals that helps you navigate the new market opportunities where sustainability defines the new role of business. But beware of the new rules of the public game. They can turn opportunities into risks faster than ever.

Redefine your public position

With 60 years in media, Erik Rasmussen will help you understand how public opinion is changing, and how new information and democratic deadlocks are affecting business. Journalism obviously plays a central role, but so does corporate communication and your business’ overall credibility. This is critical in times where accelerating global challenges call for a constructive and reliable coverage and communication of complicated events.

Redefine your mindset

Leaders and employees must develop a new mindset to safely make the transition to a new organisational culture needed for a sustainable future. This requires a mindset that breaks with the assumptions and values that have long driven business. In short, to win or lose the ‘perfect storm’ will be a question of mindsets and the innovation power in boardrooms and executive suites. Erik Rasmussen will take you through your mindset journey, inspired by his book “Repaint the Future”.

Bio: Erik Rasmussen

Having followed 13 Danish prime ministers, 12 American presidents, and 8 UN Secretary Generals and written and initiated thousands of analyses and reports on politics, global trends, welfare, and corporate sustainability, Erik Rasmussen (born 1941) is probably your best navigator in today’s market reality.

60 years of experience in the media industry has made him one of Scandinavia’s leading agenda-setters. At the age of 27, he became editor-in-chief of the leading Danish business newspaper “Børsen” and in 1989 he founded the Danish think-tank and media corporation Monday Morning.

World Economic Forum named Erik Rasmussen one of the world’s 100 most influential journalists, and he has received Denmark’s most prestigious media award, “Den Store Publicistpris” (The Grand Publishing Award). He founded the Copenhagen Climate Council in 2007 which became think-tank Sustainia in 2009.

Talks on health

Besides sustainability projects and workshops, you can book Erik for talks on health. It builds on personal experience and will be different from anything else you have heard. His style is poignant, provocative, humorous, innovative, combining captivating storytelling with strong factuality.

Erik Rasmussen’s drive is motivated by years of tough fights against mortal diseases, such as cancer and septic shock (deadly blood poisoning). Together with his wife he developed complementary survival strategies, and in spite of a very gloomy prognosis, he is now cured and is in exceptionally strong shape. His fight with cancer and dangerous bacteria have taught him a lot about surviving against all odds and how to mobilise your hidden resources. His lessons learned about winning the ultimate game is told in his best selling book “The Day You Get Cancer”.

Erik Rasmussen has shared his experiences in numerous talks that make the audience rethink their personal risks and opportunities. This is the test of your survival instincts.

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