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Unlocking the value of the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Strategy

The first step of working with the SDGs is to understand them. Only then can you prioritise, set targets, measure, and communicate your impact. We work with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to help set or improve SDG strategies in a diverse range of organisations around the world.

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SDG mapping

We use our experience from analysing the impact of 1000+ solutions on the Global Opportunity Explorer to quantify how your organisation impacts the SDGs. We ‘map’ all of your organisation’s initiatives and services against the 169 targets behind the 17 Goals to build a clear picture on where you are making progress or creating harm. This can be a great first step towards a more strategic approach to the SDGs as a tool for delivering positive impact.

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The SDGs can be a challenge for communication, yet it remains an essential component of working with the Goals. We advise on SDG communication at all stages of working with them, for external or internal consumption, and for a range of purposes. We can produce different types of deliverables from social media content through to videos, and sustainability reports.

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Many organisations struggle to embed an SDG approach throughout the organisation. We offer inspiring talks and workshops to improve understanding of the goals, and show how they can and should be relevant for organisations. Just get in touch to book one of our advisors for your organisation.

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Whether you are interested in one of the SDG services outlined above, or would like to pursue an entirely different SDG-related challenge, we would love to hear from you. Talk to Partner Manager Kelly Lynch about your business challenge, and what you would like us to help you out with.

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