This module is about mindset and strategies for getting people on board and create alignment on sustainability strategy. It is about sustainability culture in businesses. The module will provide you with powerful tools for creating meaningful change in your company to ensure you meet your sustainability goals. Communication is a vital aspect of any sustainability strategy, and there are many tools and frameworks available to aid the approach. Sustainia’s core competency of storytelling and our risk-to-opportunity mindset will serve as the foundation for helping to improve your approach.

  • Opportunity Mindset
  • Risk and Opportunities
  • Ethics & Values
  • Behaviour
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Organisation
  • Communication & Storytelling

Customised for each company. This module is for all individuals working in sustainability at all levels within the same company – including those individuals from tangential groups that can benefit from further knowledge of the topic. Coming soon, this module can be customised for individual learning – contact us if this is of interest.

Sustainia Academy workshops can be customised and combined to each company’s unique needs. Sustainia recommends that each module lasts at least 2 hours with at least 10 participants. Discounted half-day and full-day workshop possibilities are also available. Normally we charge an hourly fee depending on the number of resources and personnel. To receive a customised quote or to learn more, contact Sustainia.

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Key benefits

Define and explore opportunities for value creation through stakeholder and partner collaboration

Acquire the knowledge to articulate the importance of corporate sustainability.

Gain confidence and skills to drive sustainability, social and environmental responsibility in your company and value chain

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We create action from inspiration and advise clients with ambitions to make the world more sustainable. Let us have a conversation about your business challenge, and what you would like us to help you out with. We look forward to hearing from you.