Clients BI Norwegian Business School, Norwegian University of Life Sciences & The University of Oslo | 2018 - 2019

Sustainia has partnered up with several academic institutions, helping them showcase their research and connect students with businesses through the Global Opportunity Explorer.

The challenge

Combating climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires an interdisciplinary and intergenerational approach, but academic institutions face a range of challenges in order to achieve this. In order to satisfy prospective students desires for incorporating sustainability in programmes, universities must not only demonstrate their commitment through creating sustainable campuses, but also by integrating sustainability throughout their curriculums. They cannot do this alone.

Macbook displaying the Global Opportunity Explorer.

The solution

The University of Oslo (UiO), BI Norwegian Business School, and NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences have partnered with Sustainia to help integrate sustainability into their core values and amplify their voice. We are assisting them with a variety of challenges including with research communication, promoting interdisciplinary approaches, and advising on sustainability strategies.

In order to be able to benefit and act on cutting-edge research, it needs to be accessible outside of academia. Sustainia has helped the University of Oslo and NMBU communicate their research with storytelling techniques through the Global Opportunity Explorer. For example, we helped to tell the story behind a fascinating research programme on E-waste currently operating in Tanzania.

In a slightly different approach, BI used the Global Opportunity Explorer 2019 Insights as a focal point for their first Global Opportunity Day, where over 500 business people and students met at their campus in Oslo to discuss how to turn risks to opportunities.

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