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Sustainia is a sustainability advisory group and digital studio working to accelerate action towards a greener and fairer future. Since 2009, we’ve been working with private and public organizations, helping them move sustainability into the core of their activities by developing cutting-edge strategies, building engaging digital solutions, and amplifying their messages with impact.

We believe reaching the UN Global Goals by 2030 requires a bold vision, great leadership and swift action, and we are ready to help you take the next step.

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What we do

The world calls for urgent action. New markets are forming, and we can help you navigate them. We create bold strategies with an intrinsic focus on the Global Goals, build behavior- and mindset-changing digital tools, and bring your brand to sustainability stardom.


We help organizations of all sizes and industries transform Global Goals into business goals, and refine their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESGs) criteria. Whether you’re experienced or just getting started, we can help your company realize the enormous business potential in the Global Goals, and make sure sustainability becomes a natural part of your strategies and operations.


We build impactful digital products for organizations who want to engage their stakeholders, showcase their work, or visually present their sustainability profile and overall strategy. We develop everything from games and apps to websites and interactive platforms, ensuring your organization gets just the right digital tool to get your audience activated.


Based on years of experience in strategic and operational communication, we help organizations build a credible and appealing sustainability brand or take their communications campaign to the next level. With a fundamental focus on storytelling, we shape engaging narratives tailored to your key community or customer-base, ensuring your annual sustainability reporting gets picked up, or that your new app makes a real impact.



On Global Opportunity Explorer, you can get deep insights into the most groundbreaking sustainable solutions, and explore the most impactful and lucrative business opportunities relating to the Global Goals. Whether you are within the finance or fishing industry, the Explorer brings you to the frontier of sustainable innovation and new markets.

Becoming a partner of the Global Opportunity Explorer is just what you need, if your organization is looking to become a sustainable leader within your industry, invest or partner up with exciting new technologies, or advance sustainable innovation in general.

As a partner on the Explorer you will join other leading companies such as DNV GL, Storebrand, Sparebank 1, UN Global Compact, Innovation Norway, Nordic Impact, and Grundfos.

Fra Verdensmål til lokal udvikling

Vi hjælper danske kommuner med at implementere verdensmålene

Good words, good people

  • Awareness about the problem is rising, now Sustainia shows that the intelligent and innovative solutions for a world we like are already here.

    Connie Hedegaard
    Connie Hedegaard Former EU Commissioner of Climate Action
  • We are really proud of this guide - it shows there are huge benefits from political willingness to go in front, and by investing in sustainability, Copenhagen is continuously able to create new jobs and improve quality of life.

    Frank Jensen
    Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen


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