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new skills

We build skills and strengthen competencies in the green economy by providing strategic and operational guidance to ambitious companies and public authorities that wish to transform and grow sustainably.

new habits


We analyse what it takes for organisations to shape human behavior and grow new habits. We are both interested in the change that can happen through great dinner table conversations, and how organisations can shape markets and prepare transformational shifts to a greener economy.

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know thy esg

esg skills

Risk and compliance is part of most organisations’ existence, and we can help your people build the right skills within the long range of ESG acronyms used in todays’ investor relations and sustainability domain.

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Sustainia Toolbox

clear & creative


We are specialised in fact-based communications. We seek to go beyond just creating awareness, and aim for real engagement. This can come in many forms, and we welcome you to reach out to us for more stories.

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