global sustainability advisory

strategy & communications

Since 2009 Sustainia has provided strategic and operational guidance on sustainable living. We have analysed thousands of sustainable solutions that improve life, and are proud cofounders of the Global Opportunity Explorer with the United Nations Global Compact. We turn risks into opportunities, and help organisations pursue sustainable living through disciplines such as ESG, systemic behavioral change, sustainable technology, and creative communications.

new habits


We analyse what it takes for organisations to shape human behavior and grow new habits. We are both interested in the change that can happen through great dinner table conversations, and how organisations can shape markets and prepare transformational shifts to a greener economy.

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risk is part of living


Struggling with CDP, CSRD, GRI, SBTi or a range of other acronyms created to generate new strategic and competitive advantages for companies? Or which ESG rating to report on? Risk and compliance is part of most organisations’ existence, and we can help you navigate.

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what comes next


Technology plays a major role as an enabler of sustainable human behaviour. If you need recommendations on market-shaping technology we do trend forecasting, benchmarking, and help you reduce cost and create growth with sustainable data strategies, roadmaps and automation.

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communicating sustainable living


We are specialised in fact-based communications for organisations that wish to promote their work or ambition on sustainable living. We do impact reporting, strategic positioning, stakeholder engagement – and partner with on video production and animations.

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