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Since 2009 we have assisted C-suites, finance managers and sustainability executives with turning risks into new sustainable strategies, that go above and beyond compliance. We primarily focus on ESG management, sustainability strategy, reporting, and digital acceleration towards sustainability. Real impact is part of our DNA, which is why we have analysed +1000 sustainable solutions, and cofounded the Global Opportunity Explorer with the United Nations Global Compact. It is also why we are involved in the current formation of Sustainia World – a center for sustainable lifestyles and behavioral change.

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esg management

We advise companies on how to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) with an aim to leverage ESG performance to generate new strategic and competitive advantages.

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deep dives and wide perspectives

sustainability strategy

We are specialised in strategies, roadmaps and non-financial analyses, and have conducted several over the past 12 years that explore markets, technology, behavior, and other factors that drive green transition.

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meaningful disclosure that resonates


We are specialised in fact-based and transparent ESG communications. We do impact reporting, sustainability mapping and benchmarking, and strategic positioning.

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digital acceleration

Reduce cost, drive growth, and improve transparency and performance with the appropriate type of digital sustainability frameworks, tools and reporting platforms. We help companies choose the right setup.

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a kingdom of nature

sustainia world

Sustainia is a leading force in the development of a new center in North Zealand, Denmark, that investors are pushing forward to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis’ biggest challenge: Inspiring sustainable lifestyles through behavioral change. The center – Sustainia World – will be located in the former naval camp in Auderød and is part of rebuild of the camp into a sustainable community.

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