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Struggling with the new Norwegian Transparency Act, CDP, CSRD, GRI, SBTi or a range of other acronyms within the ESG domain? Or what about which of the hundreds of ESG ratings to report on? We can help you navigate.

compile data and communicate now


Are you one of the companies that have to comply with CSRD by 2024, now is the time to start.
Compliance with CSRD in 2024 will be based on 2023 ESG management processes, policies and performance data. So you will have to start building the foundation as we speak.

We help you with a roadmap to CSRD compliance consisting of

  • Gap analysis, current state of ESG management and desired future state, ESG management in compliance with CSRD
  • Checklist of jobs to be done to achieve CSRD compliance by 2024/25. Compliance will be based on established 2023/24 ESG performance data, policies and procedures.
  • Communicating why CSRD matters to internal or external audiences.
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Norwegian Transparency Act

Human Rights

From July 1st 2022 larger enterprises located in Norway or with business activities in Norway will be legally required to openly disclose their human rights impacts and efforts for decent working conditions. Further companies will legally be obligated to respond to information requested of the public on human rights and working conditions. We have helped companies navigate, disclose and communicate actively on the Act, and can help you too.

Norwegian Transparency Act

double or just regular?


Materiality is a cornerstone of ESG. We help companies measure and manage sustainability performance over time. We follow the latest guidelines for double materiality assessments – meaning the impact of ESG issues on the financial and operational performance of your company (inward impact) and the impact of your company on the external environment (outward impact).

gap analysis & benchmarking


Do you wonder if you are missing out on the benefits of best-practice ESG disclosure? More companies are streamlining and improving their sustainability performance, and publicly traded are improving ways to disclose their sustainability performance in more standardised and comparable ways. We offer assessments and gap analyses on ESG performance indicators relative to market leaders or competitors.


esg disclosure

Investors and regulators increasingly request or require corporate disclosures on ESG risks and issues. We help you manoeuvre the landscape of ESG reporting standards and guidelines, including well-established frameworks such as the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), GBP (Green Bond Principles), IIRC (Integrated Reporting Council), UNGC (United Nations Global Compact), SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), SBG (Sustainability Bond Guidelines), PRI (Principle for Responsible Investment), and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), or TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

We always seek to connect ESG disclosure with the long-term strategy of our clients by linking sustainability performance milestones and KPIs with core business activities. And importantly we outline a strategic and efficient approach to ESG disclosure by selectively focusing on a few and strategically important ESG frameworks and ratings that align with external and internal stakeholder expectations.

design your rating set-up


Did you know that there are hundreds of ratings, rankings and indices to choose from? In fact The Reporting Exchange listed 652, last time we checked. We can help you analyse the appropriate setup for you based on your industry, strategy and growth ambitions. We will provide a selection of relevant options, and recommendations for implementation. 

communicating esg performance


We can help you translate your company’s sustainability performance into key data points and information that resonate with or meet the expectations of various stakeholders, such as investors and civil society actors. Sustainability reporting is a multifaceted discipline and can take many forms. We offer key sustainability reporting products such as:

  • Annual reporting chapters on sustainability performance to supplement annual financial reporting and/or a separate sustainability report.
  • Standardised responses to information requests from institutional investors, ratings and indices such as pensions funds and CDP, DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), and Sustainalytics. 

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