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Success is communicating a vision, charting a course, and making synchronised movements.

Our strategy services mixes compliance and innovation: We do Opportunity Workshops, market research, and we design people-friendly ESG strategies. Read more below or book a quick call to get started.

Opportunity workshop

New ideas

Opportunity workshops typically take 3 hours where we work on opportunities you would like to explore further and need a second opinion on. After the workshop you receive a report with all our recommendations. 

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Market research

New opportunity outlook

If you prefer we do most of the work, we've identified and promoted thousands of sustainable products and services that work. And we've analysed even more that don't. If you're a client of ours, we help map the most relevant industry and consumer trends, and identify existing products in the market. We both offer shorter solution outlooks and mini-versions of our acclaimed Global Opportunity Reports, an easy way to move in the right direction.

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People-friendly governance


Are you wondering if you have the right ESG governance setup for CSRD & ESRS compliance? We know best practice and can help produce or review all policies and procedures, and make sure it's communicated so your staff and suppliers understand.

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