Client Asian Development Bank (ADB) | 2021

Sustainia told the stories of 100 cities taking climate action from all over Asia and the Pacific. From renewable energy, to climate resilience – ADB100 demonstrates innovative climate solutions from the region that are aimed at improving conditions for the economy, society, and the environment.

The challenge

How can the world’s largest continent accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy while also building thriving cities and improving conditions for citizens? How can these pioneers inspire others to make radical change? And how will COVID-19 shape the way cities see climate action?

The solution

We believe in the power of stories. By highlighting 100 of the most ambitious city solutions from around Asia and the Pacific that are addressing challenges associated with climate change, we hope to accelerate progress and inspire others to join the movement.

For a glimpse into the stories from the publication, read our article: A Tale of 100 City Solutions, or download the full report. All 100 solutions can also be found on our Global Opportunity Explorer.

The client

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to eradicate extreme poverty through delivering projects in developing countries that create economic and development impact. They provide loans, technical assistance, advisory services, and grants.