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arctic opportunities

The 2022 Arctic Opportunity Programme (third year in a row) is under preparation, so join us if you are interested in the Arctic and wants to help shape and challenge the next entrepreneurial generation.

skills that change the world

preparing for the future ahead

As a student taking part in our student case competition, you will gain useful professional skills that will help you to get out and make a difference in your career.

While developing entrepreneurial ideas and exploring a variety of themes related to sustainable development in the Arctic, you will work together with students from around the world, connect with mentors, network with a range of career professionals, and generally get firsthand experience with what it’s like to work in the consulting industry.

This program will help you develop a range of skills and experience, including:

  • Project management capabilities and the use of common project management tools
  • Presenting your ideas and creating effective visual presentations
  • Training in a range of subject material via a series of webinars brought to you by various academic and consultancy professionals

If you are interested in joining the conversation surrounding the unique challenges facing the Arctic region while simultaneously accessing valuable career development opportunities, we hope that you will join us for the third year of our Arctic Opportunity Explorers program (launch dates to be announced).

promoting student entrepreneurship 

from inspiration to action

The Arctic Opportunity Explorer is a virtual learning programme that aims to equip students with not only unique problem-solving skills to approach the challenges faced by Arctic communities, but also the professional skills needed in today’s digitised, globalised world.

In 2020, our Arctic Opportunity Explorers programme officially kicked off with an inaugural group of students representing 11 universities and 9 countries around the world. Read more about last years project below. 

In 2021, 58 participants from 24 universities went on an entrepreneurial journey with support provided by eight partner universities, global biotech firm Novozymes, and the HelloScience digital platform. 

In 2022, we expect to expand further with more universities, more students, and more partners. Launch dates to be announced in Spring 2022.

collaborate with students across the world

guided innovation

The Arctic is a fragile environment, with unique social and environmental challenges. We believe that the youth have what it takes to combat these challenges, through sustainable innovations. 

The Arctic Opportunity Explorers challenge brings together pioneers from universities around the globe and equips them with digital tools and theoretical frameworks to address some of the most complex challenges facing the Arctic.

Student entrepreneurs will be paired with professional mentors for guidance and will have the opportunity to engage in professional development throughout the program. 

contribute to agenda 2030

SDGs as lanterns

The Sustainable Development Goals can help to guide Arctic Opportunity Explorers. We show how they can be built into business plans to drive positive change. 

This program is particularly focused on utilising SDG 17, partnerships for the goals, to uplift and promote discussions surrounding SDG 3, good health and well-being, and SDG 5, gender equality. 

identify a challenge, collaborate to solve it 

address arctic challenges

Students must identify a challenge that exists in Arctic communities today that is connected to sustainable development with a component related to either gender equality or the rights and well-being of children. 

Once you truly understand the scope of the challenges, we will help students group to collaboratively ideate and iterate potential solutions. Each group’s entrepreneurial journey will be showcased on our digital collaboration platform. The final version of the teams’ ideas will be presented and judged by a panel of experts at the conclusion of the programme. 

process overview (2021 example - 2022 dates to be announced soon)


promote change in the arctic

why you should join


Besides being part of a unique journey towards fighting climate change, inequality and other prominent challenges in the Arctic, you can expect:

  • Branding via numerous social media posts (Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook)
  • Showcasing on Sustainia’s webpage and digital space and those of our partners
  • One outstanding student will be awarded an internship with Sustainia
  • The winning team will receive a monetary award to help move their solution from idea to reality


  • The chance to define focus areas and set the agenda for student solutions. Talk to us about opportunities to engage with students on real issues relevant to your business.

Professional mentors  

  • Influence the next generation of sustainable change-makers. 


  • Promotion across our social media platforms and opportunities for professors and staff to conduct webinars and highlight their work.
  • Get your students engaged in subject material that goes beyond the classroom. 

join us, if you're interested in the Arctic

Lindsey Chaffin Sustainia

Lindsey Chaffin

Project Manager

Advises on ESG management, entrepreneurship and the Arctic. Degrees from Aarhus University and University of California, Berkeley.