managing new habits

citizen behaviour

conversation is action

table talks

Hjørring Municipality in Northern Denmark is engaging with their citizens and companies in new ways. They have invited everybody on a climate journey intended to translate complex climate actions plans into a shared regional conversation on climate change. We help develop the vision behind the green mindset transformation.

new lifestyles

guide to Sustainia

Consumption and production of food, housing, mobility, and FMCG represent some of the largest sources of emissions. We have developed a range of guides to sustainable lifestyles, and offer sector-based analyses on available solutions and strategies.

understanding & expanding

arctic lives

We take a deep interest in everyday lives and local lifestyles. With the Nordic Council of Ministers we have served as operators of the Arctic Opportunity Explorer - a dynamic program that supports the health and well-being of children and gender equality by engaging youth at Arctic universities to further innovation and the creation of new insights for the benefit of whole societies.

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New habits require new knowledge, and new conversations. Since the birth of Sustainia we have pursued how sustainable consumption should be designed and embraced by people.

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