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We are specialised in fact-based and transparent esg communications. We provide support on annual sustainability reports, materiality assessments, sustainability presentations for investor relations teams, and sustainability communications strategy. 

communicating responsibly

doing good is complicated

Communicating your sustainability strategy, targets and impacts, can be tricky. Moreover, it can be a daunting task to assess the most important/material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues your organization is facing and should be reporting on. Further, touching hearts and minds while conveying complex matters to a particular audience, such as company employees, business partners and customers, requires particular attention to both detail and stakeholder expectations.

We have analysed thousands of products and services worldwide and often see how large organisations struggle with getting their message across. This is why we are used as reinforcement by some of the world’s most professional sustainability departments as we help them formulate sustainability reports or strategies.

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after strategy comes communications

choosing the right frameworks

Getting started or expanding your sustainability efforts, you should acquaint yourself with the world’s most widely used sustainability framework by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The GRI Standards create a common language for private or public organisations to report on their sustainability impacts in a consistent and credible way. This enhances global comparability and enables organizations to be transparent and accountable.

GRI helps organisations understand and disclose their impacts in a way that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders. In addition to reporting companies, GRI is highly relevant to many other groups, including investors, policymakers, capital markets, and civil society.

Please feel free to reach if you would like to discuss your sustainability reporting strategy and which frameworks you should consider using to report on the environmental, social and governance issues that are most important for your organisation. 

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Ole Løhr Wilken


Advises on ESG management, strategy and reporting. Degrees from Oxford University and University of Copenhagen.

Lindsey Chaffin Sustainia

Lindsey Chaffin

Project Manager

Advises on ESG management, entrepreneurship and the Arctic. Degrees from Aarhus University and University of California, Berkeley.