Turn your biggest risks into new opportunities – or disappear. The years to come call for new leadership and mindsets. Sustainia provides the opportunities to fortify and advance your business, armoring it from unforeseeable threats.

We live in disruptive times where all change is happening exponentially. New digital technologies and business models change the rules of the business game. This explains why 75% of the world’s biggest companies on Standard & Poor’s ratings are predicted to be out of business within the next few decades. They might have been ‘eaten’ or outperformed by the next generations of “The Amazons”.

This represents only a fraction of the whole picture. One of the new strong disruptors in the years to come is the true cost economy – to make businesses account for negative externalities and thereby behave sustainably. Here the pressure will be exponential too. It now looks like we are losing the fight against climate change. A study from May 2018 published by the National Academy of Sciences, documents that there is a 35% risk that concentrations of emissions will exceed even the most severe scenarios projected. Carbon emissions will most likely increase much more than expected, especially since we are producing and consuming more than was ever accounted for in previous forecasts.

Several reports therefore conclude that the coming three years – or 1,000 days – will be crucial for the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ironically, since their adoption in September 2015, we have spent the first 1,000 days discussing how to save the planet, now leaving us with the next 1,000 days to demonstrate that we can actually do it.

A State of Urgent Innovation

The sum of all the recent scientifically-backed warnings may soon justify a state of emergency for the planet. We at The Sustainian however, prefer to call it a state of urgent innovation, i.e. connecting and scaling the best available and sustainable ideas and solutions from around the world. There’s no denying it, we are facing the fastest revolution ever.

And this calls for strong and daring leadership. The leaders we need are the ones that, over the next 1,000 days, can make a significant difference to the world as well as their own companies. Such symbiosis will enable a true win-win situation, for the state of business and the planet.

During the next 1,000 days, we will connect, communicate and champion the best global ideas and solutions to build a sustainable future.

Sustainia will play its part. Since 2009 Sustainia has prepared for the mission. Together with our partners including the UN Global Compact, we have analyzed and mapped thousands of opportunities and solutions from all over the globe. They are all connected and presented in our Global Opportunity Explorer. Our conclusion is crystal clear: even the biggest global risks can be turned into exciting ventures and prosperity – provided we act fast, focused and coordinated. Therefore, we feel a strong obligation to show how a 1,000-day leadership can turn the 17 Global Goals into 17 innovation hubs. If we succeed, such a triumph will be remembered as the most pivotal and fastest industrial revolution, ever.

How to Take Part

The Sustainian is a market guide for leaders developed with the support of international organizations such as the UN Global Compact, UN Office Geneva, and the Solar Impulse Foundation. During the next 1,000 days, we will connect, communicate and champion the best global ideas and solutions to build a sustainable future. This dynamic media platform will act as your compass, helping you navigate a market space that is turbulent but always expanding of new opportunities. The Sustainian analyzes new trends, challenges and opportunities featuring inspiring portraits of the next generation of sustainable business pioneers. It is updated every Tuesday and is your assurance to be on track with the newest solutions, perspectives and forward-thinking leaders.

We are entering a new economic, social and environmental era – an era that calls for entirely different rules of the game. We feel that it deserves a joint platform that can be a catalyst for what might be the most important transformation in modern history. That is a very ambitious task, and it can only be achieved if it receives widespread support and is used as a necessary tool for sustainable leaders around the world. We facilitate and provide essential insights, but it is the interaction between our users that create the real value.

We have to write the greatest story ever told.

You take part by subscribing to The Sustainian and investing around €2 per day. We guarantee the ‘return of investment’ is considerably higher. If you after three months feel otherwise, we will return your money. But we urge you to give it a try. Not only because the world needs you in the next 1,000 days, but because it could turn out to be the new competitive edge that your company needs.

The next 1,000 days call for fast, disruptive and profitable ideas. They are out there. We have seen them and we have already helped to communicate and connect people to them. And we are committed to do more. As we push forward, well aware that we cannot go alone, we ask every leader to join us in shaping this new sustainable market space. With your commitment, we will make sustainability work and can all reap its profits.

And that could be the greatest story ever told.

They are helping us write the story

Michael Møller

Director-General, UN Office Geneva

“Sustainia has built a unique and inspiring platform for sustainable opportunities and solutions. We look forward to working with Sustainia and together accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Lise Kingo

CEO, UN Global Compact

“UN Global Compact has been a close partner with Sustainia for several years. We are impressed by their approach and consider Sustainia as a strong ally in our joint mission of turning global goals into local business, which they have demonstrated in the annual Global Opportunity Reports and in the Global Opportunity Explorer.”

Thomas Friedman

Journalist, author, three-time Pulitzer prize winner

“What Sustainia is doing is essential. You are not only doing the right thing, you are doing the only thing that can really make a difference that can get scale. Just wish you could be multiplied.”