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We guide your city to a greener, healthier, and happier future – and share your success with the world.

City solutions guides

Get an overview of the sustainable innovations happening in your city, and broadcast your green ambitions to the world.


We identify and showcase your city’s sustainable initiatives in a visually dazzling publication or online space.


Drawing from our experience mapping leading urban climate solutions in the Cities100 publications – we can do the same for your city.



  • We are really proud of the Guide to Copenhagen 2025 - it shows there are huge benefits from political willingness to go in front, and by investing in sustainability, Copenhagen is continuously able to create new jobs and improve quality of life.

    Frank Jensen
    Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

Vision guides

Every city needs a green vision. How do you imagine your city to be by 2030?


We bring your city’s sustainable transformation to life through a beautifully designed Vision Guide.


We created the Guide to Copenhagen 2025, in which we envision an ambitiously green future for the capital of Denmark. Together, we can design the bold sustainable blueprint your city deserves.

Strategic advisory

Your city is unique, as is it’s path to a sustainable future.


Whether you want to align with the Global Goals, engage your citizens, or plan the next steps to achieve your vision – we can help you get there.

Achieve the Global Goals

It is increasingly recognized that aligning with the United Nations 17 Global Goals is key to enticing tourism, business, and new residents to cities.


Through our work with the Danish municipality of Sønderborg, they are already reaping the social, economic and environmental benefits of engaging with the Goals.

We can create a strategy for your city, contact us to learn more.


Showcase your city’s leadership

Attract visitors, newcomers, and investors by sharing your city’s sustainable initatives in our digital showcase – the Global Opportunity Explorer.


Through featuring your city on the Global Opportunity Explorer, you join a network of the world’s most sustainable cities.


Get a city profile

A profile page on the Global Opportunity Explorer offers a unique place to tell the story of your city.


Show the world why your city stands out as a sustainable leader, and what makes it a healthy, safe, and exciting place to live and visit.

Showcase your projects

Showcase the most groundbreaking sustainable projects and initiatives happening in your city, with a solutions page on the Global Opportunity Explorer. These solutions will appear in a collection on your profile page.


Solutions pages offer a unique possibility to profile your city as a center for sustainable innovation.


Get started

Whether you want to create a guide that celebrates your city, a strategy to achieve your sustainable goals, or to share your success stories with the world  – we can help you get there.


Let’s start a conversation about how we can best achieve the sustainable vision of your city.