1000 Days To Scale Up 1000 Solutions

The Global Opportunity Explorer has now collected 1,000 solutions that over the course of 1,000 days could create tremendous change if scaled globally.

COP24: The Biggest Green Business Announcements

Several major international companies have announced new climate ambitions at the COP24 summit in Katowice.

Making Smart Cities Smarter

Smart Cities can dramatically improve sustainability, efficiency, and citizen welfare. But there are still incredible untapped opportunities.

Green Mobility: Getting There

Mobility is fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Revolutionizing the transportation sector is therefore vital.

Coastal Vulnerability: City Solutions to Rising Sea Levels

Many coastal cities are unprepared to tackle the threats of flooding, coastal erosion and storms. However, there are a wealth of cost-efficient solutions.

How To Halve Food Loss

To avoid uncontrollable harm to the planet’s ability to regenerate, we must at least halve food waste. We collected a range of innovative solutions.

Here Are The Most Promising Meat Alternatives

We need to limit the amount of meat that we eat. Luckily tasty and scalable solutions abound.

We Can Streamline Our Food Production

Here we present some breakthrough solutions from our Global Opportunity Explorer to streamline food production.

On The Road To 1,000 Sustainable Solutions – Part 2

Impactful solutions to propel the sustainable transition already exist. We continuously gather them on our Global Opportunity Explorer.

Play Chess With Your Future

But short term action must be harmonized with an outlook looking to 2050.