Client Asian Development Bank | 2018

Sustainia told the stories of 50 Chinese cities at the forefront of climate action.

The challenge

How can the world’s greatest emitter of greenhouse gases start the transition to a sustainable economy with thriving cities and happy citizens? How can the pioneers inspire others to make radical change? And how can a climate villain become a hero?

50 Chinese cities solutions

The solution

Stories are powerful. By highlighting 50 of the most ambitious chinese cities addressing the challenges of climate change, we hoped to inspire action to go further and faster than before.

Our trademark clarity in communication and aesthetic design made the publication accessible, and a chinese version extended our potential audience by a small 1.3 billion…

By working with the Asian Development Bank and launching the publication at an event for low-carbon development in Central Asian Cities, we showed what is already possible and set the bar for the next round of climate action projects.  We’re excited to uncover the next round of solutions and see how fast China can really move.

The Asian Development Bank hopes that by sharing these 50 examples, other cities are inspired to drive further innovation.

– Asian Development Bank
50 Chinese cities solutions