Client Carlsberg | 2015

Sustainia led a strategic communication campaign for Carlsberg Group to generate new ideas for how their breweries could optimise sustainable operations.

The challenge

With a rich history of collaboration, research and innovation, Carlsberg are no strangers to tackling challenges in the brewing industry. Sometimes though it can be difficult to leverage totally new ideas from communities outside of your immediate environment, which can sometimes provide the biggest breakthroughs for companies.

The solution

We launched a crowdsourcing campaign and competition called Carlsberg Green Ideas, where companies, organisations, and individuals provided green ideas to make Carlsberg’s operations greener. In just a few weeks, the campaign received 5 million global twitter impressions, and Carlsberg received 162 ideas from 33 countries, driven by a strategic communications campaign. Sustainia led the evaluation process, with the winners celebrated during the Sustainia Award Ceremony during the COP21 negotiations in Paris. The winners designed a way to use microalgae to turn waste from the breweries into a biomass fuel.

We’d really like to thanks Sustainia and Carlsberg to give us the opportunity to work on our idea.

Michael Malott – winner of Cheers to Green Ideas challenge