Client Danish Regions | 2018

The publication “Climate safe Denmark 2030” maps, analyses, and communicates the potentials of giving the Danish Regions a stronger formal role in the Danish climate change and sustainability efforts. We completed this project for the Danish Regions.

The challenge

Denmark has high ambitions when it comes to climate change and sustainability targets. Today a lot of the responsibility for the implementation of climate change initiatives lies on the shoulders of the 98 Danish municipalities. But the Danish climate change efforts are currently suffering from lack of coordination and knowledge sharing – thus the effort is neither fast or effective enough. There is an opportunity for the Danish Regions to take a more active leadership role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

klimasikkert danmark 2030 climate safe denmark 2030 sustainia

The solution

We interviewed leading climate change experts, looked at the state of affairs of the Danish climate change efforts, analysed recent reports and uncovered international best practice examples. The publication delivers recommendations on what specific climate change tasks that could be implemented by the Danish Regions – in order to ensure that Denmark can actually meet the ambitions of becoming a zero-emission society in 2030.

“It is problematic that the Danish Regions do not have a greater formal role in the Danish climate efforts”

Jarl Krausing – International director, CONCITO