Our Global Opportunity Explorer collects and presents the most sustainable business solutions. Here we have chosen 3 captivating solutions that demonstrate the “what” and “how” of circular economy.

There is an urgent need for new solutions that demonstrate that circular principles are in fact possible. Many of these solutions are already available – it is a question of finding and scaling them.
These solutions utilize new technologies, designs and energy sources: they are front-running examples of how innovative new technologies offer ways of turning circular economy into sustainable profit.

Here we spotlighted just 3 solutions, but be sure to click around and explore a world of solutions!

Harvesting Larvae From Waste For Animal Feed

AgriProtein has created a sustainable alternative to ocean-derived fishmeal by using fly larvae to turn food waste into protein-rich animal feed, oil for pet foods, and a soil-enriching compost.

This will help solving the three separate and pressing global challenges of landfill waste, fish stock depletion and global greenhouse gas emissions. By using organic waste to feed fly larvae, which in turn are used as an animal feed, the company can reduce carbon emissions at all three stages.

Harvesting Larvae from Waste for Animal Feed

Boots Designed For Disassembly

Timberland’s Design for Disassembly boots are designed entirely with cradle-to-cradle goals in mind. Timberland has progressed from making shoes more recyclable to establishing environmentally responsible product standards across their range of products. Incorporating recycled materials, using organic cotton and eliminating the use of PVC plastics are all part of their current approach to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

Boots Designed for Disassembly

Urban Mining Reaps Valuable Harvest

In a new way of thinking, New Horizon aims to transform demolition into a process of mining resources, thereby retaining the value of building elements and raw materials. It wants to transform the use of the terms “demolish” and “waste” to “dismantling” and “raw materials.” New Horizon carries the entire risk for its clients during the demolition process, making it more attractive for developers to reuse materials. Actively promoting and creating demand for raw materials still present in buildings, the company also guarantees a destination for these materials.

Urban Mining Reaps Valuable Harvest