Client Frederiksberg Forsyning | 2019

A publication telling the inspiring story of 150 years with Frederiksberg Forsyning – communicating the history, development and vital role of the clean water supplier. The publication’s primary message is that Frederiksberg Forsyning have played and still plays a vital role in developing Frederiksberg as a city. Written in collaboration with Frederiksberg Forsyning.

The challenge

Supply facilities are the unsung local heroes. Since 1869 Frederiksberg Forsyning has secured clean drinking water to the citizens of Frederiksberg. In connection with their 150th anniversary they wanted to tell their story and communicate what role they have and could play in improving their local community.

frederiksberg forsyning, sustainia

The solution

By telling the story of 150 years and the many achievements of Frederiksberg Forsyning, Sustainia made their presence in the local community more appreciated and recognized. The publication tells this story through a historic timeline, case examples and an analysis of Frederiksberg Forsyning’s future plans. Together this becomes a fascinating story of how Frederiksberg Forsyning continuously works for securing the city’s water infrastructure today and tomorrow – and many years ahead.

frederiksberg forsyning, sustainia