Clients UN Global Compact & DNV GL | 2019

The Global Opportunity Explorer 2019 Insights is a publication that showcases the mindsets, strategies and solutions required for businesses to address climate change. We produced this report in 2019 in collaboration with the UN Global Compact and international accreditation body DNV GL.

The challenge

Climate change represents the biggest and fastest market disruptor in history. The impacts and risks of a warming world are already challenging life as we know it, but also creating new markets for companies who are proactive enough to seize the opportunities.

Despite this, the business community as a whole is not adjusting and adapting fast enough to address the scale and scope of climate change. The challenge remains how can we communicate effectively to companies about what opportunities exists when the solutions are often highly technical and can be difficult for a reader to immediately relate to.

The solution

To bridge the climate change communication gap, we produced a magazine-style report that would be accessible and enjoyable for businesses leaders to flip through to gain actionable insights on key mindset shifts, strategies, and solutions needed to win the climate game. Interviews with top industry pioneers and examples of the most exciting companies who have integrated sustainability to their core mission and strategy can be found within the publication.

We followed up the publication with an event in Oslo at the Norwegian Business School, where businesses and academia came together to discuss the role of business in the sustainable transition, and how adopting the right strategies and mindsets can be the key to accelerating progress. Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of UN Global Compact, and Remi Erikson, CEO of DNV GL were amongst distinguished speakers at the event.

The Global Opportunity Explorer 2019 Insights has received international recognition, with further events in Japan where academics, business leaders, and government officials came together to discuss the report’s insights, and make plans for future collaborations.