Impactful financial solutions to propel the sustainable transition already exist. We continuously gather them on our Global Opportunity Explorer.

Despite a growth of interest in sustainable investment objects, there remains a lack of shared taxonomy, investment objectives, public-private models for sustainable investment, and sustainable investment models.

However, looking at the markets today, there are already impactful finance solutions addressing these challenges and thus propelling the sustainable transition. Solutions that are readily available, scalable, economically viable.

Here we have selected a handful, but there are plenty more at the Global Opportunity Explorer.

Stockholm congestion pricing finances metro expansion

Stockholm is tapping revenues from its congestion pricing scheme to raise funds for new metro lines that will service affordable housing developments.

Stockholm: Congestion Pricing Finances Metro Expansion

Decentralized micro-financed solar power

Combining solar power with micro-financing and a mobile payment system, Mobisol offers clean and affordable energy for low-income households in areas not connected to the grid.

Decentralized, Micro-Financed Solar Power

Micro-financed loans unlock affordable housing

Patrimonio Hoy is a financing and development programme for low-income families in Latin America who want to build their own homes.

Micro-Financed Loans Unlock Affordable Housing

London leveraging private funds to reach city climate goals

London has created a fund consisting of public and private investors  to finance projects needed to realize the climate, energy, and waste reduction targets of the city.

London: Leveraging Private Funds to Reach City Climate Goals