Client Skellefteå Municipality | 2018

Sustainia created a vision guide for town of Skellefteå, Sweden, showing what life could look like in 2030, following a range of sustainability initiatives.

Skellefteå 2030

The challenge

The Swedish town of Skellefteå is growing, but is committed to making their city livable for residents through SDG-led initiatives. It can difficult to inspire pride in long-term planning when citizens can not see tangible results. Skellefteå came to Sustainia to build a narrative about the future of their sustainable community, in order to attract new residents, businesses, and investors to their community.

The solution

Sustainia created a vision guide to demonstrate what sustainable life and business in the future could look like, based on the municipality’s 2030 development plans. The guide provides inspiration and a course forward to drive efforts, and highlights opportunities for creating a healthier and more prosperous community.

The vision guide, Skellefteå 2030, is available for download here.

We are convinced that Skellefteå has something to offer the rest of the world, and through our efforts we are also helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as this book by Sustainia demonstrates.

– Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Director Municipality of Skellefteå