Client Realdania | 2018

The Klima100 publication maps, assesses, and communicates 100 of the best climate solutions in Danish municipalities. The publication is the first project of its kind to paint a comprehensive picture of Danish local climate action. We completed this project in partnership with Danish nonprofit organisation Realdania in 2018.

Klima100, sustainability consulting

The challenge

Climate solutions are out there at the local level, but discovering them can be a challenge, even for citizens who live there. Municipalities often don’t have the budget, mandate, or prerogative to share their own stories, and suffer from poor knowledge transfer and slow climate action as a result. As our knowledge partner CONCITO pointed out, there is a need for input of knowledge, competency development, and collaboration, both within municipalities and across borders if we are to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

klima100 sustainia

The solution

We used the power of storytelling to bring together all of the Danish climate stories to inspire further action and even greater ambition at the local level. Following a comprehensive research and analysis phase, we told the stories of 100 different climate action projects across Danish municipalities in one publication, and followed it up with an event in Nordic Clean Energy Week where local actors from the projects could share knowledge and spar with each other in workshops and across panel discussions.

There is so much inspiration to find in the Klima100 publication which demonstrates what the municipalities are especially good at. And as a positive side effect, Klima100 also highlights all the areas with room for improvement.

Jesper Nygård – CEO, Realdania
klima100 sustainia