While this year’s UN General Assembly called for more urgency than ever, the Global Opportunity Explorer is expanding its bank of breakthrough solutions to urgent sustainability challenges. We handpicked five of the most recently added.

As has been heralded last week by the UN General Assembly global challenges are mounting as never before and call for urgent solutions. With the Global Opportunity Explorer we want to build the world’s largest collection and marketplace for sustainable solutions.

Here we present another batch of our latest solutions that address some of the challenges the UN has pointed to at the recent assembly.

Wave Money is a mobile based financial service that facilitates secure, real-time transactions, with the aim of improving financial inclusion in Myanmar.

Wave Money was launched in Myanmar in 2016, as a joint venture between Telenor and Yoma Bank. The platform aims to bring financial inclusion to Myanmar’s population, by providing them access with secure and convenient financial transfers using mobile technology.

Mobile Money Opens Doors for the Unbanked in Myanmar

Precious Plastic is an open-source project with one simple mission: to empower people world-wide to fight plastic pollution by helping them turn plastic waste into valuable items.

What from the outside appears to be an old ship container, is inside Precious Plastic’s answer to the almost impossible question: How do we fight plastic pollution? In 2013 founder Dave Hakkens transformed an old shipping container into a plastic recycling workspace that transforms plastic waste into valuable items, ranging from coasters and decorative bowls to lamps and chairs.

Plastic Fantastic – Turning Waste Into Value

Regen Network is a global community and platform focused on ecological monitoring and regeneration. The company aims to catalyse the regeneration of ecosystems.

Using a combination of monitoring technologies such as satellites and ground sensors, Regen Network aims to provide a global picture of ecosystem health, and provide incentives for regeneration across the many degraded landscapes. 37% of the Earth’s surface is used for agriculture in some way, so the company has chosen to focus on farmers as change makers for the system. Users are able to input ecological data to an immutable blockchain system, then choose to share or sell that data with other network users. Smart contracts can then be used to pay farmers for regenerative practices, according to a number of ecological protocols developed collaboratively by network users and scientists.

Ecological Blockchain for Agricultural Regeneration

Everimpact provides the technology to measure greenhouse gas emissions and air quality in cities and regions. Their platform provides real-time data, allowing users to measure policy effectiveness and participate in emissions trading.

Everimpact utilises a combination of satellite data and ground sensors to measure greenhouse gas emissions in cities and regions in real-time. They have established partnerships with space agencies like the European Space Agency (ESA) and Group on Earth Observations (GEO), giving them access to high quality satellite data. They then partner with cities and regions to install mobile ground sensors, which allow them to measure and compare emissions and air quality in different areas of the city throughout the day.

Real-time Emissions and Air Quality Data for Cities

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