Client Realdania | 2012

Sustainia presented a scenario for the green Denmark of 2050 and identified what is required to achieve green growth. We completed this project in partnership with Danish nonprofit organisation Realdania in 2012.

Something's Green in the State of Denmark

The challenge

In 2012, Denmark stated that they were on a path to become fossil fuel free by 2050. This was considered a very ambitious goal that required shared ideas about the future, with specific and realistic visions for cities, the countryside, transport systems, and buildings.

The solution

Over a period of one year in collaboration with Realdania, Sustainia analysed the trends shaping Denmark’s future, and identified what is required to achieve green growth. Workshops, research, and interviews were carried out with Denmark’s leading experts within selected sectors. The publication shows the vision for the physical Denmark; the structure of cities, rural areas, houses, enterprises and infrastructure. Technology, politics, economy and social affairs are only included where relevant.

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