Client Sønderborg Municipality | 2017

Sustainia contributed an extensive communication plan and digital content for Sønderborg Minicipality to engage and educate their community on how to take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sønderborg Scores Global Goals

The challenge

Sønderborg was the first Danish municipality to become a member of UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. Participation in this program led to the creation of Sønderborg Scores Global Goals, an initiative to create 10,000 sustainability minded citizens within three years. Sønderborg municipality came to Sustainia for support developing concept, communication and educational material to help citizens, businesses, and educational institutions translate the SDGs into everyday actions.

The solution

Sønderborg Scores Global Goals kicked off in the region’s schools. Sustainia delivered concept development, the communication campaign, and digital landing pages for the project. We also created the visual and digital identity for the initiative.

Sønderborg Scores Global Goals

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