Client The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark | 2014

The ‘Stronger Without Waste’ publication highlights how some Danish companies are using their resources and waste in an efficient and environmental friendly way. The project was completed in 2014 in collaboration with INCENTIVE for the formerly named Danish Ministry of the Environment.

The challenge

Companies often tend to think that it is costly to be environmentally friendly. The aim of the publication was to showcase how that is not necessarily the case as there can be a business case for using resources efficiently and innovatively.

stronger without waste Sustainia

The solution

The publication showcases 14 Danish companies from different industries that have implemented ways to efficiently use their resources without having to make compromises in terms of cost or the environment. Many of the companies have even found ways to treat their waste as resources for new materials. The publication serves as an inspiration by providing advice to other companies that wish to better their business both for the environment and the bottom line.

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