Client Ballingslöv International | 2019

Sustainia hosted an executive seminar in early 2019 to inspire and encourage Ballingslöv International’s leadership to embrace sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their core strategy.

The challenge

Businesses in every sector are facing a range of pressures due to climate change and sustainability risks, but without training and changes in mindset, it can be difficult for medium-sized companies to act on the long-term risks and translate global problems into local action. The parent company Ballingslöv International were faced with these questions for the six kitchen companies that they own.

The solution

Our CEO, Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen, spoke at the company’s sustainability day that gathered the executive teams from each of the kitchen companies owned by Ballingslöv International. Rasmus began with an explanation of the current state of global sustainability and the role of the Sustainable Development Goals as a tool for businesses to engage in the topics. He then showcased examples of innovative CEOs who have reduced waste and consumption in relevant industries, drawing on solutions from the Global Opportunity Explorer and showing the importance of changing mindset.