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Plans to make the former military camp in Auderød an international center for a climate and environment friendly way of life. 

A new center in North Zealand in Denmark will develop solutions to the climate crisis’ biggest challenge: Getting people to change their behavior. According to the UN’s latest gloomy climate report, it is now beyond any doubt that climate change stems from human activities. Hence, mitigating climate change requires rapid and very significant changes in consumption and lifestyle. But how?

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That answer may have to be found in North Zealand. Here, a decision is underway to establish a center that will inspire and motivate people to change their lifestyle so that it promotes climate, environment and biodiversity. The ambition is to lay the foundations for a “Silicon Valley of sustainability” and place Denmark at the forefront of developing what may end up being the most effective solution to the planet’s climate problems.

The center is located in the former military camp in Auderød. The idea was developed by the think tank Sustainia under the name “Sustainia World”, and the opportunity has arisen in connection with investor interest for the rebuilding of the former military camp. The ambition is to establish Sustainia World as an independent center for a sustainable way of life – including in buildings and other facilities.

Optimal conditions

Plans are developing to invest in a thorough restoration of the former military camp. The aim is precisely to demonstrate how nature and sustainability can create optimal conditions for developing a new understanding of the connection between lifestyle and a healthy nature. It can be through holiday stays, weekend events, teaching activities, etc.

The mapping of the potential has been carried out by the company Sustainia, among others. with the involvement of prominent Danish and foreign experts and funded by Denmark’s Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation and others. In addition, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation finds the Sustainia World project so exciting that the association has exempted Auderødlejren from a comprehensive conservation plan for the entire Arresø Næs to give the project optimal opportunities to be implemented.

Broad support from municipality and climate scientists

Halsnæs Municipality strongly supports the preliminary plans. “It is a very exciting project that we look forward to following. In particular, it is important to maintain the common thread that binds nature, sustainability and learning together”, says Mayor Steffen Jensen and continues:” After the area has been more or less unused for several years, “Sustainia World [highlights] an interesting perspective with the potential to become both a national and international role model for sustainable living. As the plans take more shape, we will positively assess the planning possibilities.”

Professor Katherine Richardson, head of the Sustainability Science Center at the University of Copenhagen and a member of the Climate Council, has been strongly involved in the project: “I have followed the development of Sustainia World with great interest. If the ambition and perspective are maintained, it is a unique and valuable project. We have an urgent need to develop a way of life that does not, to an accelerating extent, swallow up the planet’s increasingly scarce resources. The project could made an important difference for generations, which is why I have also gladly offered to support and advise the ongoing process.”

Can create national and International interest

The construction will include holiday homes and other facilities to support the overall purpose, including conference and exhibition centers, as well as activities that will inspire and motivate people to change their way of life. 

To further develop the concept and how to promote sustainable behavior, the plan is to establish a task force representing science, companies, authorities. It is based on the recognition that sustainable behavior is not a personal choice but a societal choice. Therefore, frameworks and incentives must be developed across sectors, competencies and interests. This work is expected to extend over four to six months to define how the center for a climate- and environment-friendly way of life can be built and operated

Erik Rasmussen, founder of Sustainia and initiator of Sustainia World, sees great prospects in the project – both nationally and internationally:

“The new IPCC report and the UNEP emissions gap report have documented with gloomy and convincing analyses that the biggest challenge in the coming years will be to motivate people to change their way of life. Our behavior has created the crisis and must therefore resolve it. Therefore, there is an urgent need in everyday life and in practice to uncover how people can both maintain a high quality of life and ensure a low climate and environmental footprint. If that equation can be solved in Auderød, the project will be groundbreaking and create great attention both at home and abroad and set new standards and norms for sustainable climate solutions, says Erik Rasmussen and adds: 

“The prerequisite for winning the climate fight is that it does not become an elitist exercise for experts and politicians, where decisions are discussed and adopted at global summits. The “Silicon Valley of sustainability” I envision in Auderød will be working and experimenting with how the climate fight can trigger a popular movement. The most important response to the most frightening climate report to date is, in fact, a “behavioral revolution”. It could, for example. take its origin in North Zealand.”

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sustainia world

Sustainia built an extensive network of +50 experts and a highly profiled advisory board, which stood behind Blueprint 2025. The project where initial thoughts on how the location in North Zealand could become key in accelerating new sustainable models were formed.

About 70 percent of all CO2 emissions are caused by our way of living and daily consumption. We need new models and solutions that can change our lifestyles. Blueprint 2025 set out to examine what it takes to accelerate Denmark’s transition to a sustainable society by creating a “sustainability tripartite agreement” between citizens, companies and authorities.

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The project that paved the way for Sustainia World is one step closer to becoming a reality and force of nature in delivering solutions that promote a sustainable way of living. With Blueprint 2025, Sustainia wants to gather expertise and knowledge that can position Denmark as a global role model and turn mutating crises into new opportunities.

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Erik Rasmussen


Advises on systemic risk, public relations and strategic communication with +60 years of think tank and media experience.

Jette Vinther

Senior Project Manager

Advises on strategic communications, strategy and Sustainia World in Auderoed. Degree from Copenhagen Business School.