Client University of Oslo | 2019

Sustainia has provided a platform for the University of Oslo to communicate their sustainability research in an engaging way and help to bridge the research-policy gap through the Global Opportunity Explorer.

The challenge

University of Oslo is on the path to become a green institution with a carbon neutrality goal by 2040, and a strong focus on interdisciplinary research on sustainability across disciplines and departments. Insights and findings from universities are critical for solving today’s world problems, but often peer reviewed scientific research can be inaccessible to the general public who may lack time or access to journals.

The solution

University of Oslo has partnered with Sustainia’s Global Opportunity Explorer to increase the accessibility of science communication and sustainability research, connect students with innovative companies in sustainability fields, and help to stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. We have published several stories for them, highlighting their progress in carbon reductions as well as their sustainability ambitions.

We are currently exploring further possibilities for the University of Oslo and the Global Opportunity Explorer.