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Tackling Your Scope 3 Challenges

Consumers, regulators, and investors care more about climate issues than ever before, and the pressure on businesses to mitigate their climate impact will only keep increasing. To address this, and help push the world towards its net-zero goals, it is crucial that companies start prioritizing Scope 3 emissions in their supply chains. Supply chains account for 50-90% of a company’s environmental footprint, but for many businesses this is the most challenging area for driving decarbonization.

Join experts from SupplyShift, The Sustainability Consortium and Sustainia to learn how you can work with your supply chain, to identify opportunities for supplier engagement, and how to drive progress on net-zero ambitions throughout your supply chain.

You can learn about:

– Drivers for supply chain sustainability
– Current legislation / frameworks / recommendations
– How to get insights into your supply chain’s emissions
– Best practice examples
– Making a win-win-win with supply chain transparency technology

Speakers: Anders Quitzau (Sustainia), Willem Ruster (The Sustainability Consortium), Lauren Newton (SupplyShift).

with Poul Schmith/Kammmeradvokaten, EjendomDanmark & Position Green

EU Taxonomy & Real Estate Business

The ‘EU Taxonomy’ will have profound consequences for the real estate industry and its ecosystem of investors and tenants. It is not only a matter of reporting but must be reflected in both the business strategies, tactical and operational decisions. The ‘EU Taxonomy’ framework put forward by the Commission defines a common narrative of sustainable activities, reorienting capital flows, helping the mainstreaming of sustainability within the risk demand, and ultimately aiming to foster transparency over the long term. With buildings making up nearly 30% of the GHG emissions, it is crucial for the real estate sector to adopt this new framework as a tool to accelerate the green transition. You can learn about: – EU taxonomy from a legal perspective – Business implications for real estate investors and construction firms – Taxonomy reporting in practice

Speakers: Anders Quitzau (Sustainia), Line Berg Madsen (Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten), Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen (EjendomDanmark), Petter Olson (Position Green).

with Danske Revisorer & Position Green

Navigating ESG Reporting Legislation & Frameworks

As more and more companies are expected to report on environment, social and governance (ESG) performance, it’s important to gain a good understanding of ESG frameworks and the implications of ESG on legislation. ESG frameworks help companies quantify and qualify ESG issues that impact businesses and that are impacted by businesses. In the webinar “Navigating ESG Reporting Legislation and Frameworks” Public Affairs Director at FSR – Danish Auditors Gorm Boe Petersen, Sustainia partner Ole Løhr Wilken, and Sustainability Specialist at Position Green Felicia Gustafsson will give an overview of the most important ESG legislation and guidelines you need to know in the Danish business context and how to choose and apply the right frameworks to support your ESG management. You can learn about: – CSRD impact on section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act and business environment – Key ESG standards and guidelines such as GRI, SASB and CDSB among others – How to practically report on guidelines and frameworks leveraging digital technology.

Speakers: Gorm Boe Petersen (FSR), Ole Løhr Wilken (Sustainia), Felicia Gustafsson (Position Green).  

with Position Green

Accelerating ESG Management & Reporting

Sustainia Partner and Digital Acceleration expert Anders Quitzau invited Position Green’s Chairman Anders Frankel to a webinar to discuss our partnership and demonstrate what we can do for entreprises and organisations to meet the challenge of ESG management and reporting. Please read more about the partnership here.

Speakers: Anders Quitzau (Sustainia) & Anders Frankel (Position Green).

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