Client Nordic Council of Ministers | 2020

Sustainia collaborated with 6 universities on a case competition, Arctic Opportunity Explorers, to empower young people to become changemakers in the Arctic through sustainable entrepreneurship. Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, this project was facilitated by Novozymes’ HelloScience digital platform, which brought together students to create solutions to real world challenges in the Arctic.

The challenge

As temperatures rise and the effects of climate change become ever more palpable, the Arctic is being impacted to a greater degree than anywhere else in the world. Students are the next generation of society, and have the drive to make a positive impact in the world. The challenge here is how to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to enact lasting and sustainable change through entrepreneurship. In today’s world shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, we face the added challenge of operating virtually, which has highlighted the need for technology and platforms like HelloScience to enable digital collaboration.

The solution

Alongside our university partners, Novozymes, and HelloScience, we created a case competition where students from around the world could come together to create sustainable solutions that could positively impact people in the Arctic. With a particular focus on SDG 3, good health and well-being, and SDG 5, gender equality, students formed groups and were tasked with attempting to address some of the unique challenges faced by people living in this northern region. Students were guided in their sustainable entrepreneurship journey by professional mentors and educational webinars, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to conceptualize complicated issues like mental health, food security, and sustainable tourism.

For a glimpse into the project and its results, we encourage you to read our recap publication.

Next year

Ready to make a difference in the Arctic? Join us for the second round of our Arctic Opportunity Explorers programme, starting September 2021. Find out more.