managing new habits

citizen behaviour

conversation is action

table talks

Hjørring Municipality in Northern Denmark is engaging with their citizens and companies in new ways. They have invited everybody on a climate journey intended to translate complex climate actions plans into a shared regional conversation on climate change. We help develop the vision behind the green mindset transformation.

new lifestyles

guide to Sustainia

Consumption and production of food, housing, mobility, and FMCG represent some of the largest sources of emissions. We have developed a range of guides to sustainable lifestyles, and offer sector-based analyses on available solutions and strategies.

understanding & expanding

arctic lives

We take a deep interest in everyday lives and local lifestyles. With the Nordic Council of Ministers we have served as operators of the Arctic Opportunity Explorer - a dynamic program that supports the health and well-being of children and gender equality by engaging youth at Arctic universities to further innovation and the creation of new insights for the benefit of whole societies.

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Erik Rasmussen


New habits require new knowledge, and new conversations. Since the birth of Sustainia we have pursued how sustainable consumption should be designed and embraced by people.

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fact-based creativity makes us different


With us, you will meet both creative video producers and sustainability experts. We are not an advertising agency and only work with cases that are verified sustainable by our own sustainability team. We have vetted and verified thousands of sustainable products, services or business models, and work as advisors for global market leaders. This is your guarantee that the beautiful video and content we produce for you is fully fact-based and compliant.

high-end video production

less is action

Sustainia partners with DROBE and founder Kim Balle serves as creative director on all our productions in unison with our sustainability teams. Together we ensure that any complexity results in a clear message that engages people. Kim Balle has more than ten years of experience creating engaging content and brand videos for international organisations, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Porsche, Pandora, Grundfos, Danmarks Nationalbank, Visit Denmark, Radisson and many more. His work has resulted in over 2.000 productions and content captured from 14 countries. 

“It is a joy working closely with clients that prioritize sustainability and appreciate beautiful content. Today, it takes an extra effort for businesses to avoid greenwashing and this is why our sustainability experts and content producers work in tandem.

Kim Balle, Creative Director

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Kim Balle & Camera at Sustainia

Example: EcoTree is a company specializing in the ecological and economic development of forests and biodiversity. EcoTree needed a main communication package, and Kim and DROBE created a main communication narrative from where the storyline was built. 

publications & reports


We make beautiful reports and publications tailor-made to your preferred audience, and we’re comfortable communicating with all types of people.

graphics & explainers


Sometimes an explainer video is what does the trick. We make all sorts of animations and graphics to convey your message in the best possible manner. 

Learning about sustainable solutions can be fun and engaging. With Disney & Pixar artist David Tart we developed an animation series starring an imaginary professor and his assistant as they explore the world of “Sustainia”.

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Kim Drobe Media Sustainia Partner

Kim Balle

CEO & Creative Director
Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen Sustainia CEO

Rasmus Schjødt Larsen


ESRS by Sustainia


We simplify


We help you increase buy-in of the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards - a set of mandatory standards that affect almost all large businesses, and suppliers

Cross-cutting standards

ESRS1 by Sustainia
ESRS2 by Sustainia






ESRS by Sustainia

Global Opportunity Explorer

Global Opportunity Explorer


The Global Opportunity Explorer is co-founded by United Nations Global Compact and Sustainia. The platform holds one of the world's largest collections of vetted and verified sustainable solutions, products and services

Vetted & verified

+1.500 cases

All cases have been identified and communicated by Sustainia in close collaboration with select corporate partners, and international organisations such as Asian Development Bank, UN Global Compact, C40, and the World Bank

Global Opportunity Explorer by UNGC & Sustainia

Sustainia has written thousands of case stories on sustainable solutions in all sorts of industries from data and technology, infrastructure and the built environment, renewable energy, transportation, to food, packaging, waste management, and sustainable life in cities

Check out the wide variety of solutions

Global Opportunity Explorer

Interested in contributing to the Global Opportunity Explorer - or need help with case-writing?

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen Sustainia CEO

Rasmus Schjødt Larsen

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Flora, fauna & finance


Build a solid biodiversity strategy with quick wins and longer term goals. More than half of the world’s total GDP depending on natural capital assets, biodiversity stewardship presents immense opportunities with far-reaching implications

Biodiversity & Sustainia

Regulatory opportunities

Despite the growing focus on biodiversity loss from both society and regulators, many businesses continue to demonstrate limited awareness of their impact on biodiversity.

In fact, businesses are now required to measure and disclose biodiversity-related information through well-established frameworks like the Global Reporting Index (GRI), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TFND)

Market opportunities

Forward-looking businesses recognize that the biodiversity crisis presents unique opportunities. By actively supporting biodiversity, companies can reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, explore untapped markets, and cultivate a positive company image

Biodiversity & Sustainia

Sustainia simplifies Biodiversity

In our Sustainia simplifies X series we often cover biodiversity. We invite you to reach out to increase the value of biodiversity in your communications, production, and supply chain alike

SDG + Sustainia


Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainia SDG, SDG services

SDGs can be a powerful strategic tool. Having SDG mapped and analysed 1500+ sustainable solutions, we can help quantify how your organisation impacts the SDGs. We map your initiatives and services against the 169 targets behind the 17 Goals to build a clear picture on where you are making progress or lagging behind. A solid foundation makes you stand out and help deliver on the Global Goals.



Communication is an essential component of working with the Goals. We advise on SDG communication at all stages for external or internal consumption, and for a range of purposes. We can serve you with a multitude of communication deliverables from social media content through to videos, sustainability reports, and infographics.

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen Sustainia CEO

Rasmus Schjødt Larsen


SDG mapping is a great foundation for clear communications.

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Case writing

Reducing complexities

Clear cases

With thousands of cases under our belt we know what makes a great story. Well researched, vetted and verified. And communicated in compelling ways to your target audiences


Vetted & verified


We have years of experience with international organisations and global corporates in need of tailor-made cases. We always cater to the audience and can effectively express intricate concepts in a manner that is both impactful and captivating

Sustainia Research


Data & analysis


We master the newest regulations and frameworks within sustainability. Rooted in environmental science, law, economics, and political science we systematically examine and interpret complex data that help our clients make decisions or communicate clearly to their stakeholders.



We assist global clients with both research-based studies, contributions to annual reports, and other stakeholder related materials. We have conducted an extensive number of research publications, including being founders of the Global Opportunity Reports with DNV & UN Global Compact that identified new markets based on insights from 17.000 leaders worldwide. 

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen Sustainia CEO

Rasmus Schjødt Larsen


Bring us your problem, and we will provide you with alternative insights. 

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Sustainia Case writing

Smart Cities

Smart & sustainable


Sustainia Case writing

We assist with urban best practice & case compilations

Rasmus Schjødt Larsen
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We have written case collections for clients such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, C40, and the UN Global Compact - in all sorts of industries from infrastructure to waste management and community engagement

Sustainia City Case Collections

Visit our Global Opportunity Explorer platform, one of the world's largest collections of sustainable solutions and browse more than 1.500 verified cases


The guidance you've been waiting for


We help you increase buy-in of CSRD & ESRS implementation or other ESG disciplines by communicating with both precision and compassion

ESRS by Sustainia

How do you frame new regulations?


Compliance with CSRD in 2024 will be based on 2023 ESG management processes, policies and performance data. Why not start with a roadmap to CSRD compliance that includes a gap analysis, compliance checklist, and communications materials that put you in the front?

CSRD & Sustainia

Norwegian Transparency Act

Human Rights

Larger enterprises located in Norway or with business activities in Norway are legally required to openly disclose their human rights impacts and efforts for decent working conditions. We have helped companies navigate, disclose and communicate actively on the Act, and can help you too

Norwegian Transparency Act with Sustainia

Communicating ESG performance


Translate your sustainability performance into key data points that resonate with the expectations of stakeholders. We offer sustainability products such as annual report chapters on ESG performance, separate sustainability reports, or standardised responses to information requests.